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Composite filling

Composite Fillings

Composite fillingA composite (tooth colored) filling is recommended to correct defects in teeth such as chips, fractures, decay, gaps and spacing between a patients front teeth, as well as stains from antibiotic therapy.  Composite fillings allow the dentist to reshape, lengthen, re-contour and restore a tooth, and in the process greatly enhancing the color, texture, translucency and beauty of the tooth. Composite fillings require a single or multiple appointments depending on the number of teeth being restored. Local anesthetic is administered to assure that the patient is completely numb and comfortable. The tooth is meticulously cleaned and prepared to receive the new composite filling. The composite resin is carefully sculpted to a perfect and natural shape then hardened with an ultra violet light. Your new restoration is then polished to give you a beautiful new smile. Composite fillings are beautiful, natural looking and durable, but like all dental restorations may require replacement after many years of chewing.

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