A denture, commonly referred to as false teeth, is a removable dental appliance designed to replace missing teeth and enhance your smile.  If you are missing all of your natural teeth in one or both jaws, a complete denture is fabricated to restore your smile while improving your ability to speak, chew, and digest your food properly.  A partial denture is designed to replace missing teeth and is supported by your remaining natural teeth and gums.  Dental implants can also be utilized to support and retain both complete and partial dentures.

Am I a candidate for dentures?

Partial dentures are recommended for patients that have lost some of their natural teeth.  If you have lost all your natural teeth complete dentures is the recommended method of tooth replacement. Remember!  Dentures will never feel as “natural” as your own teeth but they are a much better alternative than having no teeth.

What does getting dentures involve?

Dr. Hoyson will start by taking dental impressions and measurements to ensure that the new dentures will fit correctly with a comfortable bite.  Each patient will work with Dr. Hoyson to determine the color, size and shape of the new teeth to ensure the “ideal” smile desired by each patient.  Several try-in appointments may be required to verify the color, shape and size of the new denture teeth.  At the final appointment, Dr. Hoyson will carefully make any adjustments to ensure a natural and comfortable bite and appearance.

Maintaining your new dentures

Daily cleaning of your denture using a denture cleaner or liquid soap with warm water will remove plaque, stains, and food particles.  Soaking your dentures in water when they are not in your mouth will prevent them from drying out.  If over time your denture becomes painful or loose, it is recommended to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hoyson to be evaluated for an adjustment, realign or replacement.

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